Name Practice Area Areas of Interest Work Experience Availability Preferred Contact
Renee Cordrey Wound Management Documentation, Clinical Education and Research Research, Academic, Inpatient, Acute Care, Long Term Care, Outpatient Varies Face-to-Face, phone, email
Carmen Oguz Wound Management Administration/policies and procedures, PTA School Education Academic, Inpatient, Acute Care, Home Health, Outpatient, Long Term Care Any Email or Text
Anne Gallentine Wound Management Administration/policies and procedures, Clinical Education Inpatient, Outpatient PM (6-9) and Weekends Phone or Email
Rose Pignataro Wound Management & Biophysical Agents Resume Development/Speciality Certification, Clinical Education, Research Academic, Inpatient, Acute Care, Home Health, Outpatient AM (7-11) and Afternoons (12-5) Face-to-Face, Phone, Email
Harriett Loehne Wound Management Speciality Certification Academic, Inpatient, Acute Care, Outpatient, Long Term Care, Private Practice Afternoons (12-5) and Weekdays Email
Leon C. Romero, PT, DSc, OCS, ECS Clinical Electrophysiology (CE) Specialty Certification, Documentation, Resume Development, Outpatient Management Outpatient AM (7-11), Afternoons ( 12-5) Face -to-Face, Phone, Email
Lisa Cabral Wound Management Speciality Certification, Documentation, Resume Development, Clinical Education, Literature Review Academic, Inpatient, Outpatient PM (6-9), Weekdays, Weekends Face-to-Face, Phone, Email, Skype
Karen Gibbs Education Academic, Inpatient, Acute Email
Elaine Armantrout , PT, DSc, ECS Clinical Electrophysiology (CE) Documentation & Specialty Certification Private Practice AM (7-11), Afternoons ( 12-5), Weekdays & Weekends Phone, Email, Skype, & Facetime
Thomas P. Nolan Jr., PT, DPT, OCS Biophysical Agents (BA) Outpatient Management Academic & Outpatient Weekdays Email & Phone