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Biophysical Agents Committee on Practice

The purpose of the Biophysical Agents Committee on Practice is to serve as a resource and forum for individuals who are interested in the use of electrotherapy and other biophysical agents as part of the management of patient/client medical conditions.  The Biophysical Agents Committee on Practice will facilitate networking, mentoring, and sharing of resources for all individuals interested in these technologies.

Educational Guidelines

We actively are working on updating the Educational Guidelines from 2007. The updated guidelines will reflect updates in the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice, the newest version of The Normative Model of Physical Therapist Professional Education and the most recent evidence supporting the use of biophysical agents . The current guidelines can be found via the link below.

Emerging Technologies: Dry Needling

In January of 2012 the APTA Department of Practice and APTA State Government Affairs published a document regarding the use of Dry Needling (a.k.a. trigger point dry needling or intramuscular manual therapy) by physical therapists. The document provides background information for state chapters, regulatory entities, and providers who are dealing with this issue.

LCD Commenting Period Alert!

Again another LCD draft has surfaced and is within the commenting period for us to make an impact on our practice. This LCD impacts Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation. The LCD includes the following states for Medicare Part B: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, and Michigan.

This LCD impacts a significant amount of states and includes language similar to the Novitas draft that was sent out in February. Below is the link to CMS website, which you must agree to the terms of the CMS page to access the LCD.

Some language to consider is as follows:

  • Debridement indication diagnosis are limited (ie chronic ulcers not fitting in categories).
  • Mechanical debridement does not qualify as debridement service.
  • Biophysical Agents and 30-day standard care
  • Only 6 negative pressure wound therapy visits covered within a four-month period (disposable not mentioned)
  • Documentation requirements specifically for Physical Therapist

Below is the info to comment. This is in draft status currently but comment period is open now through June 22, 2017. So please act now and pass along to your colleagues and other providers performing wound care. Let’s make a difference.

You can also address comments and concerns directly to the following:

Proposed Contact
Cheryl Ray, D.O., MBA, FACN
1717 W. Broadway
Madison, WI 53701-1787

Please comment by June 22, 2017.  If you have any questions please contact me at

Melissa Johnson PT, DPT, CWS
Federal Affairs Liaison