As you may have seen advertised in previous postings, the Chicagoland area had its first PT/PTA meet and greet coordinated by the Academy/WMSIG.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not on our side and some were unable to attend.  But, the group that gathered was small yet strong with diversity!  We had therapists who have various levels of experience in wound management.  The group ranged from therapists who work in wound management full time to as needed and from 5-10 years of experience to 20 years plus experience.  All of us practice in different settings too!  We had a representative from each area of practice.  So, despite the small number in attendance, we had a wealth of diversity and knowledge present.  It was so nice to be able to network with people from all different backgrounds and to discuss exciting cases and challenges within our clinics.   We hope to continue this event and offer different days, times and locations to recruit more interest.  Our goals for future events would be encourage more non-members to attend, consider offering educational opportunities, and continue to expand our network of PTs and PTAs who practice in wound management.  Together, we are stronger and hope to continue to build our network.    Hope you can join us at the next one!

Lisa Cabral
Chair of the WMSIG T.J. Lang Jersey